Disaster Recovery Solutions

Binary Solutions Can provide Data Backup services to help the customer to keep the data safe and secure in addition to providing Disaster Recovery solutions

Importance of Disaster Recovery:

IT is estimated that the average cost of each lost or stolen data has increased from $141 to $148 in 2018—an increase of almost 5%.

A data disaster can happen due to several reasons such as hardware or software failure, human errors, malware infection, or natural disaster. Moreover, data loss is often sudden and inevitable. Therefore, you need to be prepared for the worst when it comes to data protection.

Disaster Recovery Planning is one such approach towards data protection and data loss prevention. An adequate backup and recovery plan is just one aspect of Disaster Recovery, which can help protect your data from most data loss scenarios, and here’s how.

We will create a disaster recovery plan for you and support you in implementing it.

Disaster Recovery Plan is about creating standard operating procedures and practicing preventive measures to be able to respond to catastrophic failures. Backup and recovery is not the only aspect of data protection. However, it’s an integral part of a Disaster Recovery Plan.

Therefore, you must implement a comprehensive disaster recovery plan with a reliable backup and recovery system to ensure that the most recent data and changes are being copied securely. Above all, identify the probable worst-case scenarios and come up with contingency plans.